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Specialist Division of the Register, SEM

Applications for inclusion on the Specialist Division of the Medical Council Register, Division of Sports and Exercise Medicine, should be made directly to the Medical Council.  Please visit the Medical Council website for the relevant application form:

Doctors who apply to have their application assessed by a recognised Training Body must meet certain criteria before the recognised training body will recommend that their name be entered onto the Specialist Division of the Register to the Medical Council.

Competencies set out by Training Bodies typically outline in depth both the medical and non-medical competencies that a doctor needs to attain in order to meet the requirements for specialist registration. Competencies differ from entry criteria as follows: the criteria for entry set out the requirements that a doctor must have in order to be assessed by the relevant Training Body. Competencies set out the typical suite of skills that the doctor must attain in each specialty area in order to be recognised as a specialist. Applicants should ensure that they meet the criteria for Specialist Registration before applying.

If you have any queries in relation to your application for Specialist Registration, please contact the FSEM Administrator on 01- 402 2780 or by e-mail:

IMPORTANT - June 2017 up-date

Please note that the new criteria and application pack for Specialist Registration applications in Sports and Exercise Medicine under ROUTE E (assessment by a training body) have been formally signed off by the Medical Council in June 2017.

Route E has therefore re-opened, and interested medical practitioners should contact the Medical Council in the first instance regarding applying for Specialist registration under that route.

Medical Council contacts: Mr Simon King and Ms Anne Byrne in the Registration Section.

Mr Simon King -

Ms Anne Byrne -