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RCSI Recruitment Policy

It is the policy of RCSI to ensure recruitment and selection is conducted in an efficient and client focused manner and in compliance with relevant employment legislation.

This is with the specific purpose of ensuring appointment decisions result from the application of fair and objective procedures which afford candidates adequate opportunity to submit and progress their applications.

The key principle underpinning this policy is to ensure the candidate best suited to the position will be selected. This principle is consistent with the RCSI Noble Purpose and positioning RCSI as an employer of choice.

Recruitment and selection procedures

Vacancies as advertised by RCSI are open to all suitably qualified candidates, subject to their satisfying the necessary educational qualifications, skills and experience criteria relevant to each specific post, as specified in the job description.

RCSI’s selection process provides equal access at all stages to all candidates. A record of all decisions made throughout the process will be retained for at least 12 months after the recruitment campaign has been completed.


RCSI vacancy notices/job advertisements will be crafted to promote the RCSI brand compliant with employment legislation and recruitment best practice and will  be designed to encourage applications from suitable candidates from the broadest possible base. Recruitment campaigns will include the use of the RCSI website, Intranet, internal emails and external advertising media as and when appropriate.

All advertisements will contain a positive statement of RCSI’s commitment to its equal opportunity policy.

Job descriptions 

Formal job descriptions and person specifications will be provided for all vacancies advertised. The experience requirements and educational qualifications specified will relate strictly to those necessary for the effective performance of the position and any essential requirements will be clearly specified.


All applications and CVs submitted will be screened against the required criteria for the position. The short-listing criteria will be based on the job requirements as set out in the job description and person specification. Applicants are strongly encouraged to ensure their application clearly and fully describes how they satisfy the person specifications contained in the job description.

Short-listing will facilitate the preparation of a list of the candidates whose applications most closely match the job description and the reasons will be recorded. A candidate who does not satisfy the essential criteria for the position will not be short-listed and will be advised accordingly.

The short-listed candidates will be brought forward to the next stage of the selection process and will be notified accordingly.

Selection methods

In general the following selection methods will be used by RCSI. 

  • Screening of CV and cover letter of application
  • Interview (initial and as required follow-up)
  • Formal presentation (for specific appointments)
  • Verification of publications/qualifications
  • Reference checks


1. Screening of CV and cover letter of application

The CV and cover letter will initially be assessed at the short-listing stage to determine whether the candidate meets the essential requirements of the position. 

2. Interview

Short-listed candidates will be invited for interview. An interview board will be formed taking account of the nature and seniority of the position. The members of the interview board will be provided with a copy of the candidate's CV and letter of application and will agree in advance of the interview the format and areas of coverage for questioning during the interview. A competency based marking scheme in line with the job description and person specification will be drafted and agreed upon. A record of the interview and relevant documents arising from the interview will be retained for at least 12 months after the campaign has been completed.

Interview panels for academic and medical appointments will include a NUI representative and/or an external assessor as appropriate

3. Formal presentation

Some appointments may require the candidate making a formal presentation to the interview board. Details of this and the presentation title will be notified to candidates in advance of the interview. Candidates will be advised of the presentation format and the presentation facilities that will be available.

4. Verification of publications/qualifications

Candidates will be required to provide notarised verification of their academic qualifications for which RCSI reserves the right to check authenticity with the relevant awarding bodies. RCSI reserves the right to verify publications with the relevant bodies.

5. Reference checks

The offer of employment or appointment to a role will be subject to satisfactory references. For certain appointments such as senior medical appointments references will be called for prior to interview.

As a matter of principle candidates will be asked for permission before references are sought.

Communication with candidates

The RCSI HR Department will advise all unsuccessful candidates as soon as is practicably possible after the completion of the selection/interview process.

Post interview feedback

The RCSI HR Department will facilitate any candidate who would like post interview feedback. Candidates should make a request to the HR Department.


Canvassing i.e. making an approach to secure advantage is discouraged as an unacceptable practice and may lead to the disqualification of an applicant.

It is, however entirely reasonable for a candidate to carry out relevant research about the position for which they have applied and to seek information about RCSI, the faculty/department or research activity. Indeed, it is in the interest of the candidate to be as informed as possible prior to interview. Applicants should, however ensure they conduct this research in a manner that will not promote their candidacy.

Freedom of information

RCSI is committed to transparency in its recruitment process and will provide relevant information and documentation as requested.

Other relevant documentation