Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Meeting Rooms

Robert Smith Room

RCSI Robert Smith Room 

Into the left off the Front Hall, with a large sash window facing onto St Stephen's Green, is the Robert Smith Room. Robert Smith was a student of RCSI who graduated in 1832. After graduation, Smith became a prominent surgeon who taught both surgery and forensic medicine; his name was given to the wrist fracture known as the Smith's Fracture.

Boardroom 16

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President's Meeting Room

RCSI President's Meeting Room

Walk through the Front Hall, and turn right after the Grand Staircase to discover the President's Meeting Room; the former office of past RCSI Presidents. This is a very quiet, private room, perfect for VIP meetings and interviews.

Boardroom 18

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Sir Thomas Myles Room

RCSI Sir Thomas Myles Room

Take the Grand Staircase to the first floor to find the Sir Thomas Myles Room. Sir Thomas Myles was born in Limerick in 1857, and received his Fellowship from the College in 1884. Sir Myles was one of the first surgeons in Ireland to adhere to Lister's theory that germs and disease could spread through human contact and operations. As a result of this belief, he used to sterilise his instruments by boiling them in the hospital kitchen, much to the amazement of the cook!

Boardroom 12

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