Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Spirituality and hospitality

RCSI recognises and cherishes the rich cultural and spiritual diversity of the RCSI staff and student body. RCSI’s core values of Respect, Collegiality, Scholarship and Innovation create a dynamic learning environment that continuously seeks to build an inclusive and hospitable community for all.

Spirituality resources

RCSI values equally the diversity of cultural and religious backgrounds of all our students and staff. We welcome students and staff of all faiths and none.

The College recognises and respects the important role religion and spirituality can play in the lives of many members of our community as a personal resource for meaning, community and well-being. If you are new to the College or feel the need to explore this, the following information may be helpful to you. See also the resources in our student well-being section of the website.


Islamic Foundation of Ireland

Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland     

Islamic Educational and Cultural Centre Ireland 


St Theresa’s Clarendon Street (Roman Catholic)

St Ann’s, Dawson Street (Church of Ireland)

Dublin Central Mission (Methodist)

Adelaide Road Presbyterian Church

Dublin Unitarian Church

Grace Bible Fellowship (Evangelical)

Russian Orthodox

Greek Orthodox

Anthiochian Orthodox Church of UK and Ireland

Romanian Orthodox


Irish Jewish Community


Dublin Buddhist Centre


Hindu Cultural Centre of Ireland


Bahá’is Faith Ireland


The concept of hospitality and the welcoming of strangers is a key Irish cultural value and one that is shared by the many cultures that make up the RCSI community. Finding your place and feeling comfortable in a new cultural context can be challenging at first.

In partnership with the student community in RCSI, CoMPASS seeks to promote opportunities for building community and friendships that will continue to grow into your career as a future healthcare professional.

Join in one of our friendship lunches or simply pop in for a chat with one of our team.

Keep an eye out for CoMPPAS hospitality activities on our events calendar.