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RCSI Mentor Network

What is the RCSI Mentor Network?

The RCSI Mentor Network is a unique interactive portal where senior clinical students can connect directly with Alumni who are working in fields of career interest. This initiative is assisting our students to make informed career decisions as they move from undergraduate education to excellent post graduate training opportunities in healthcare settings throughout the world. Our students reach out to Alumni to learn and be advised as to how best to succeed in their chosen career paths.

Who is the ideal RCSI Mentor?

RCSI Alumni who are 8-15 years post-graduation are best placed to assist our students with their transition plans. Engagement with Alumni can practically contribute to broadening the student mind-set from a campus context to a 'real-world' perspective.

Where are RCSI Mentors?

Our mentors are located in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America. This global network of Alumni is active and generous in sharing their wealth of knowledge. Most common interactions include queries about specialist career pathways along with general information on country specific licence and registration processes.

Why should I join?

RCSI has long acknowledged that our global community of Alumni, across 60 countries and over 20,000 strong, is a rich resource of professional expertise and life experience. The RCSI Mentor Network enables RCSI to formalise the potential of this community, using the power of a mentor relationship to harness a wealth of knowledge for the benefit of students and Alumni alike.

How can I join?

We invite you to join our flourishing mentor network today. Please email

Watch the introduction video to the RCSI Mentor Network below: