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EMP Model of Care

The National Emergency Medicine Programme (EMP) is a shared initiative involving emergency care clinicians, professional training and representative groups and the Clinical Strategy and Programmes Division of the Health Service Executive that aims to improve the safety and quality of care and reduce waiting times for patients in Emergency Departments (EDs) in Ireland.

The Emergency Medicine Report was published in 2012 and aims to:

  • Provide a greater understanding of the scope and purpose of Emergency Medicine (EM) and the delivery of care in Emergency Departments (EDs);
  • Be a resource for those charged with the development, management and delivery of EM;
  • Identify and disseminate current best practice in EM;
  • Make key recommendations for service improvement and quality measures; and
  • Provide a framework for the long-term development of EM in Ireland.

The full report is available to download here: EMP Report.