Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn


The RCSI collection of over six thousand pamphlets is particularly strong on local eighteenth and nineteenth century issues. 

A large component of the collection consists of reprints of journal articles by Irish medics, particularly those associated with the RCSI, or else articles by notable physicians and surgeons inscribed by the author to a member of the RCSI or its library.

The collection includes articles, discussions and papers by various members of the medical profession through the centuries. A project is underway to catalogue the pamphlet collection and make it available online with each pamphlet being accompanied by an image of it's title page.

During the cataloguing process a wealth of previously unseen pamphlets have been recorded and can now be consulted by researchers. They include


                         Alexander Munro (Secundus) pamphlet  

Observations anatomical and physiological, wherein Dr. Hunter's claim to some discoveries is examined 1758  (RCSI/Pamp/86c)  by Alexander Monro (Secundus) 1733-1817 


                          Jesse Foot pamphlet

Observations upon the new opinions of John Hunter, in his late treatise on the venereal disease 1786   (RCSI/Pamp/45a) by Jesse Foot 1744-1826


                         Philip Jones John Hunter pamphlet

An essay on crookedness, or distortions of the spine; showing the insufficiency of a variety of modes made use of for relief in these cases....Accompanied by a handwritten letter by John Hunter with comments on Jones' methodology  1788  (RCSI/Pamp/185g) by Philip Jones 


Other names that have appeared in the collection are


With a name like Battie how could you not write a pamhlet on madness!


                         William Battie pamphlet

A treatise on madness 1758  (RCSI/Pamp/125b)  by William Battie 1704-1776 


The collection is still in the process of being catalogued with new, unique and fascinating pamphlets being added each week. The search more of our pamphlet collection go to our online catalogue.