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A journal is a periodical publication in which scholarship relating to a particular academic discipline, in this case surgical and medical, is published at a regular interval. 

The range of surgical and medical journals held in RCSI Heritage Collections is vast and covers not only national titles but also international ones, ranging in date from the middle of the 1700s to the 2000s. The first medical directory to be published in the British Isles was produced by Henry Croly (1807-1893), father of Henry Gray Croly President of RCSI in 1891-1893. Croly Senior published the Irish Medical Directory in the years 1843 and 1846 the images of which can be seen below.   

Croly Medical Directory 1843                                  Croly Medical Directory 1846


A list of some of the journals in the collection are listed below and are available for consultation.

  • Medical Register 1859-
  • Medical Directory 1852-
  • Dentists Register 1879-1996
  • Medical & Dental Students Register
  • Acta Helvetica 1751-1777
  • Annals of Surgery 1885-2009
  • Bulletins et Memoires de la Societe de Chirurgie 1875-1913
  • British Medical Journal (BMJ) 1861-2009 
  • The Lancet 1823-2009

                 British Medical Journal (BMJ)                             The Lancet                              


  • Glasgow Medical Journal 1853-1924
  • Indian Medical Gazette 1884-1919
  • Notizen aus dem Gebiete der Natur-und Heilkunde 1822-1836
  • Neue Notizen aus dem Gebiete der Natur-und Heilkunde 1837-1846
  • Surgical Clinics of Chicago 1917-1920
  • Surgical Clinics of North America 1921-2010  


The Dublin Medical Press and Medical Circular were published as separate journals for a small number of years during the 1850s-1860s, gradually merging and becomding the Medical Press & Circular. The chronological progression of this journal and its changing title can be seen below. All of these journals are available to researchers.

  •  Dublin Medical Press 1839-1880
  • Medical Circular 1852-1865
  • Medical Press 1880-1923
  • Medical Press & Circular 1924-1961   


Another journal that changes its title a number of times from its inception in 1861 up until the 1960s, is the Irish Journal of Medical Science. Again the chronological progression of this journal can be seen below and it is available to researchers.

  • Dublin Journal of Medical & Chemical Science 1832-1845
  • Dublin Quarterly Journal of Medical Science 1846-1871
  • Dublin Quarterly Journal of Science 1861-1864
  • Dublin Journal of Medical Science 1872-1922