Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

RCSI's 'Come to Your Senses' to bring science alive in primary classrooms

09 July 2010

Primary school teachers from schools throughout are participating in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) ‘Come to Your Senses’ summer course which commenced in the college this week and helps support the teaching of the primary science curriculum.

Pictured is primary school teacher Susan Nic Reamoinn examining cells in RCSI's Molecular and Cellular Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics labs

The course will use the theme of the human senses to enable primary school  teachers develop their interest and enthusiasm for teaching science with direct relevance to the primary science curriculum  for Social Environmental and Science Education (SESE).  The course promotes learning through doing, and provides teachers with practical experiments and innovative ideas to use in the classroom.

Pictured is primary school teacher, Maebh Ginty and Rachel Cox, RCSI PhD Student examining a mammogram in the RCSI Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics laboratories.

Professor Hannah McGee, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at RCSI said “At RCSI, we are committed to the advancement of science and learning and this begins at primary school level. The ‘Come to Your Senses’ course is a novel way for teachers to develop their science teaching skills, giving them the confidence and enthusiasm to conduct hands-on activities and experiments in the classroom which will inspire children to develop an interest in science.”

Pictured is Katie Reeve-Arnold from the RCSI Anatomy Department explaining bone anatomy to the Primary Science for Teachers group

The Science Curriculum was formally introduced into primary schools in 2003 to encourage children to examine and appreciate how science and technology impact on their lives and on the environment.  ‘Come to Your Senses’ is part of RCSI’s Primary Science Initiative (PSTI) which aims to support the teaching of science in the classroom.  It is approved by the Department of Education and is fully funded by RCSI.  The RCSI PSTI team are Dr Jacqueline Daly, Dr Marc DeVocelle , Ms Maria Kelly, Dr Maria Morgan and Dr Kenny Winser . 25 primary school teachers will participate in this summer initiative.

Dr Jacqueline Daly, Associate Vice-Dean for Student Affairs, said “RCSI is committed to supporting the development of science from the very early stages of education right through to third and fourth level. The RCSI team are very much looking forward to interacting with the primary teachers on this summer course.”

Pictured (l-r) in RCSI's chemistry labs are primary school teachers Alice Higginbotham. Bernadette Kehoe, Catriona McEnery and Kevin Mullin with Dr Marc Devocelle, RCSI School of Pharmacy.

The Primary Science for Teachers Initiative is a component of RCSI’s REACH programmes which promotes Recreation, Education and Community Health. The programme works in partnership with primary and post primary schools, youth and community groups together with the local community on the design and delivery of educational initiatives including Homework Clubs, Science Workshops, Sports & health programmes as well and Education Information Service.