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Launch of RCSI Research Summer School

14 June 2010

The first RCSI Research Summer School was launched in the college today, with 52 undergraduate health sciences students from the Junior and Intermediate Cycles of the Medical School, School of Pharmacy and the School of Physiotherapy, taking part in a structured programme throughout June, July and August.

RCSI students from Junior and Intermediate Cycles of the Medical School, School of Pharmacy and the School of Physiotherapy taking part in the inaugural RCSI Research Summer School

Organised by Dr. Sarah O’Neill from Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics, the aim of the Research Summer School is to support our undergraduate health sciences students in carrying out research by immersing them into RCSI’s research based community. The programme aims to instil students with a passion for biomedical research and empower them with the skills required to undertake scientific research.

Throughout the Research Summer School, students will be introduced to a wide variety of research skills such as project management, the art of making buffers, statistics, DNA analysis techniques, protein immuno-detection and cell culture. Every Friday afternoon, a ‘Discovery Series’ will take place, where researchers from the College will discuss with the students their areas of research. Topics will include Cancer Research, Stroke Models, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, Drug Design and Clinical Trials.

Staff throughout the College from the Alumni Office, Anatomy, Cancer Genetics, Epidemiology, Faculty Office, MCT, Molecular Medicine, Neurology, Pharmacy, Psychiatry, the Research Office and Surgery have been involved in bringing the programme together.  The Research Summer School has been funded by the Alumni Office, Corporate Donors and the Research Institute. 

Dr. Sarah O’Neill said “By providing our students with this structured programme it will help give them an insight into the world of scientific research and a better understanding of how this research can be translated from the bench to the bedside. I would like to thank all the staff involved in the Research Summer School for their contribution to the programme.”