Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

2nd International Conference on Surgical Training Held in RCSI

13 May 2010

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) was host this week to the 2nd International Conference on Surgical Education and Training. Over 30 prestigious global thought leaders from North America, Australia, New Zealand and across Europe gave global perspectives on surgical training.

Pictured from (L-R) are Professor Oscar Traynor, Director of the National Surgical Training Centre, RCSI, Minister for Health and Children, Mary Harney T.D. and Professor Frank Keane, President of RCSI

Pictured from (L-R) are Dr. Eva Doherty, Ireland, Ms. Margaret O'Donnell, Ireland and Professor Geraldine MacCarrick, Ireland.

Professor the Lord Ara Darzi, Head of Surgery at Imperial College London and the Institute of Cancer Research, delivered the Inaugural William Halsted Lecture entitled ‘Innovation and Surgical Education and Training’. Professor Lord Darzi, who is a graduate and fellow of RCSI, has pioneered research in technologies for minimally invasive surgery, and in safety and quality of healthcare. He is currently the United Kingdom’s Global Health and Life Sciences Ambassador, and is Chair of the NHS Global Forum.

Professor The Lord Ara Darzi, Head of Surgery at Imperial College London, St. Mary's Hospital in London, UK

Picuted (L-R) are Prof Austin Leahy, Head of Health Science & Management, RCSI; Prof Cathal Kelly, CEO, RCSI; Prof The Lord Ara Darzi, Prof Frank Keane President, RCSI; Prof Arnie Hill, Professor of Surgery, RCSI; Prof Tom Walsh, Associate Professor of Surgery, RCSI, and consultant surgeon Connolly Hospital, Dublin.

Pictured are Professor Sean Tierney, Ireland and Professor Arnie Hill, Ireland

Pictured from (L-R) are Mr. Bijen Patel, UK, Mr. Brian Stewart, Scotland and Mr. Kenneth Walker, UK

The major theme for the conference was the impact of reduced work hours on Surgical Training.

Pictured are Dr. Kieran Breen, Ireland and Mr. Roland Partridge, UK

Pictured from (L-R) are Mr. Steven Backhouse, UK, Mr. Robert Evans, UK, Mr. David Owens, Wales and Dr. Ken Foster, Afghanistan

Speaking at the opening of the conference Prof Oscar Traynor, Professor of Postgraduate Studies and Director of the National Surgical Training Centre at RCSI said, "Shorter training programmes, reduced work hours, increased complexity of surgical procedures and a very rapid expansion in surgical technology are all issues which impact significantly on surgical training. Legislative limits on surgical work hours, in particular, pose an immense challenge for surgical trainees and surgical trainers around the world."

Pictured from (L-R) are Dr. James Gregory, USA, Prof. Oscar Traynor, Ireland and Dr. Shawna Morrissey, USA

Pictured from (L-R) are Mr. Petros Boscainos, UK, Mr. Iain Tait, UK, Miss Nicola Santoni, UK and Miss Maeve Gallagher, UK

Other highlights of the conference included The State of the Art Lecture delivered by Professor Richard K. Reznick, Chair of the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto, who spoke on ‘The Role of Research in Modern Surgical Training’.

Pictured are Cat To Luk, China, Dr. Hung To Luk, China and Mr. Spencer Beasley, New Zealand

Pictured from (L-R) are Mini Hunks Bell, USA, Dr Richard Bell, USA and Dr Richard Reznick, Canada

Professor Frank Keane, President of RCSI said “RCSI is committed to enhancing surgical standards to ultimately improve patient safety.  Improved standards in surgical education and training, the introduction of continued medical education (CME), clinical audits and the WHO’s surgical safety checklist are all key components to raising surgical standards. RCSI has embraced each of these to ensure it is at the forefront of raising these standards both in Ireland and abroad”.

Pictured from (L-R) are Mr Richard Satava, USA, Kelly Pellgrini and Professor Carlos Pellegrini, USA

Pictured from (L-R) are Mr.Simon Jones, UK, Mr. Rob Gregory, UK and Nicola Gregory, UK

Pictured are Mr Hy Browne, Ireland and Prof Anthony Harrison, USA