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Hundreds turn out for annual RCSI Clubs and Socs Sign-up Day

10 September 2015
On Wednesday 9th September, RCSI students turned out en masse for the annual Clubs & Society Sign Up Day. This is an event held every year at Orientation Week and introduces all new RCSI undergraduate students, of medicine, pharmacy and physiotherapy, to the myriad of clubs and socs at the College. With a vast range of activities, hobbies and sports, there is something for everyone at this event.
RCSI's Exam Hall and Basketball Court were transformed into a vibrant flurry of activity with over 70 Clubs and Society booths decorated from head to toe in an effort to attract new students to join in their varied activities. From Badminton to Yoga, Photography to UNICEF, the College was bursting with colours, decorations and the commotion of student life.



The vibrant colours of PIBS (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) Society and extravagant setup of archery allowed the students indulge in the various aspects of the student experience.
There were several new entrants to the pool this year including Kickboxing, Powerlifting and the Middle East Society.
Also new to exhibit, was LYNDA hosted by Catriona Campbell, Staff Learning and Development Manager, with Ruth Casserly, Learning and Development/Human Resources Administrator. is an online training library which provides 24-hour access to video based training on a multitude of topics, with a library of over 2,000 courses. The college make this valuable resource available to all registered students.
The Student Services Office sponsored prizes for the Best Stalls. In the Clubs category the Table Tennis Club took the first prize with runners up Archery and GAA, while in the Societies category Environmental Society claimed victory with UNICEF and Cancer Society also making a notable impression. Congratulations to all the students involved in designing the winning stalls.
Commenting on the day, Corriena Brien, Student Services Manager said ‘Thanks to the new Passport for Success programme, the clubs and societies were allocated dedicated times to pitch their activities to the new incoming students prior to sign up day. This was a first and I have no doubt it encouraged new students to come out in record numbers to sign up to extracurricular activities'. She thanked all the students who participated in addition to Emily O'Brien (Sports Co-ordinator) and Tanya Chapple (Societies Co-ordinator) for putting their ‘hearts & souls' into making the day a success. It will be remembered by the new students for a long time to come.