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RCSI cricket team retain Colles Cup for fifth consecutive year

12 May 2015

The 15th annual Colles Cup was held on 24th April in College Park at Trinity College. This is a traditional T20 cricket match played between RCSI and the Trinity Museum Team, a team comprising of Trinity staff, students and alumni, including RCSI's own Prof Clive Lee.

Colles Cup Match 24th April 2015 
The Cup commemorates Abraham Colles, who studied in both college, Arts in TCD and Medicine in RCSI, and who was the first graduate of RCSI to occupy the chairs of anatomy and surgery. Throughout the years this Cup has been fought over by the two sides with 8 victories for Surgeons and 6 victories for the Trinity Museum Team. This year the intense rivalry did not stop since Surgeons have won the cup 4 times in a row and Trinity was keen to get the Cup back!


“The game began by tossing of the coin to see who would bat or bowl first. RCSI won the toss and elected to bat. As each side only had 20 overs to bat some of the boys played remarkably well! Special mention goes out to Mifthah Ibrahim and Zain Hasnain who took the fight to the Trinity bowlers both scoring the highest and contributing to RCSI’s grand total of 135 runs in 20 overs. While Wan Haidir amazed the crowd with his spectacular big hits, hitting the only 6 of the game! With this score it was up for our bowlers to do the job in suppressing the opposition’s run rate. Amandeep Singh Chugha, Aarthir Ahmed and Waleed Saeed did their part by preventing the opposing batmen from scoring. With a low run rate from the Trinity side and aggressive bowling display by the RCSI boys it became clear we would take home the Cup for another year.” – Marin Anoj Eswararaj, Captain of the RCSI Cricket Team 2015
Colles Cup Match 24th April 2015 
The Surgeons have now won the Cup for the fifth consecutive year, which is a great achievement and the RCSI team is more determined to keep the Cup at RCSI for years to come!


Congratulations to everybody involved!


The team consisted of:

  • Asham Khan (5th Med)
  • Marin Anoj Eswararaj (4th Med) CAPTAIN
  • Amandeep Singh Chugha (4th Med)
  • Ahmed Mifthah Ibrahim (4th Med)
  • Zain Hasnain (4th Med)
  • Venga Vengadasalam (3rd Med)
  • Waleed Saeed (2nd Med)
  • Wan Haidir (1st Med)
  • Viren Manshani (1st Med)
  • Samuel Gunaratnam (Pre-Med)
  • Aathir Ahmed (Pre-Med)