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RCSI Badminton team victorious at the Intervarsity's

25 March 2015

RCSI's badminton team has won the National Badminton Intervarsity's 2015 plate which was hosted at Queen's University in Belfast. The team of 8 players consisted of: Arief Naimun Ashakli, Jason Teoh, Shivapragaasan Ragupathy, Chuah Su Wen, Jia Yi Gan (Captain), Vanessa Nguyen (Vice-Captain), Julia Lim Shin Yi and Wee Nee Foo.

"It was daunting and intimidating on the first day, seeing other universities with team of 10 to 20 players. Not to mention, we were defeated by DCU and NUIG in the first matches. The matches on the first day were a nightmare. DCU and NUIG were strong opponents that kept us on our toes throughout the entire game. Despite the defeat on the first day, we didn't give up" said Jia Yi Gan

RCSI's victorious badminton team

The defeat only fuelled the team further to strive for improvement and play their best for the remaining matches in the competition. They stayed positive and motivated, aiming for victory in the Plate Games instead, which turned to be their greatest achievement.

"With our five hour training sessions each week throughout the year, the team bonded really well and showed real passion and enjoyment for the sport. As captains, Vanessa and I are very proud of the team this year. This achievement would not be possible without the handwork and dedication that the team members put in to train despite their hectic schedules. The strong bond of friendship and teamwork displayed was truly inspirational and exemplary in the true spirit of sportsmanship. We look forward to another year of success for the Badminton Club in 2016."

Well done to Jia Yi Gan and Vanessa Nguyen on their impressive leadership throughout the year which has been reflected in their teams performance over the weekend.