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Cultural Diversity celebration gets underway at RCSI

18 March 2015

International Food Night was held in RCSI's Exam Hall on Friday 13th March. This event kicked off Cultural Diversity Month at RCSI which will see a number of events that showcase the culture, traditions, food, music and dance from the college's student body. RCSI is a true melting pot with some 60 nationalities represented amongst its student body.

Cultural diversity is something the College prides itself on, and the International Food Night was a perfect way to start the festivities. Attendees got acquainted with gastronomic delights from all four corners of the globe all while, hearing the stories behind their origin and how they are made. Over 350 RCSI students and staff attended on the night and congratulations to the Gourmet Society who pulled out all the stops to ensure a memorable occasion for everyone in attendance.

Prof Arnold Hill, Head of the RCSI School of Medicine (left) visits the Kuwaiti stand at the RCSI Cultural Exhibition Fair which is part of March being Cultural Diversity Month.

This week the Exam Hall was transformed to allow students from various countries to showcase their culture, landscape, clothing and history at the Cultural Exhibition Fair. The countries participating this year are Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana, UAE, Malaysia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Kuwait and Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka (PIBS). We heard steelpans from Trinidad, got bindi's from Pakistan, and got a feel of the easy going lifestyle in Malaysia. We tasted sweet coffee from Kuwait and soda bread from Ireland!
RCSI Cultural Diversity Month will culminate on Friday 27th March with the annual International Night which will be held in the impressive setting of the Round Room at Dublin's Mansion House. Guests at this entertaining celebration of international talent, music and dance will be transported around the globe as the many student societies compete for the International Night Plate. Other events include an RCSI football World Cup and an international bake sale (on Monday 23rd March), a light-hearted culture debate and a test themed on culture and geography.
Take a look at a few photos from this unique event below