Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Advisory Groups

Clinical Advisors provide expert advice and guidance based on the knowledge and needs of their respective specialties. There are currently three clinical advisors supporting the NCP, in the specialties of General Surgery, Urology and Otolaryngology (ENT).

It is envisioned in future that clinical advisors will be appointed in several other high volume surgical specialties.

General Surgery

  • General Surgery Clinical Advisor: Prof. Paul Ridgway
  • Outpatient Services Performance Improvement Programme - General Surgery Initiative: The NCPS, in collaboration with Tallaght Hospital have developed a 'see and treat' one-visit model for minor operative procedures. Traditionally, patients have one appointment for a consultation, a second for the procedure, and a third visit for follow-up and to discuss histology. The 'see and treat' model aims to reduce this to one visit per patient, with follow-up provided by the patient’s GP. This system would be utilised for a number of named minor operative procedures, but specifically excludes any procedures which would be appropriate for the existing NCCP skin cancer pathway. The pilot project in Tallaght Hospital is currently under way.



  • Urology Clinical Advisor: Mr Eamonn Rogers
  • Outpatient Services Performance Improvement Programme - Urology Initiative:: This initiative is focused on developing the first e-referral form for GPs, which will assist is streaming non-cancer prostate referrals into low, moderate and high priority. Low priority will be dealt with by GPs with support from consultant urologists, moderate will be referred to novel nurse-led clinics, and high priority refers will continue to be dealt with by consultant urologists. The nurse-led clinic will also have the option of referring on the consultant if necessary. Cancer referrals will continue to be dealt with by the existing pathway. This project will be piloted in Letterkenny general hospital, University Hospital Waterford and Tallaght Hospital. If successful, the e-referral system may form a template for other specialties.


Otolaryngology (ENT)

  • ENT Clinical Advisor: Prof. Michael Walsh
  • Outpatient Services Performance Improvement Programme - ENT Initiative:: This scheme will enable GPs to be trained to complete minor ENT procedures in order to reduce referral to hospital outpatient departments. This will be done by developing a diploma course in minor ENT procedures for GPs, accredited by RCSI. Once accredited, it is envisioned that these GPs will be able to complete minor ENT procedures such as irrigation of the ear, insertion of ear dressings, insertion of nasal packs and fibre optic nasal endoscopy in-house.