Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Code of Conduct

When using RCSI Library (26 York Street and Beaumont sites), we expect you to:

  • Have your ID card with you, to present it when asked by a member of the library or security staff and not let anyone else use it.
  • Keep all details of your library record up to date.
  • Return all materials borrowed on time.
  • Pay any fines incurred.

Books, equipment and property

  • Treat books, materials, equipment and furnishings with due care and not mark, deface, damage, steal, hide or destroy any item.
  • Be responsible for your own property and not leave personal belongings unattended. 
  • Allow others equal access to library resources – any study place left unattended for 30 minutes or more may be used by another individual. Leave a note stating your time of departure and time of return at the study space.
  • Be mindful of copyright and other legislation in respect of electronic resources use and photocopying of print resources.

Noise Icons

  • Library Noise/Behaviour Icons: The Library has introduced three icons to indicate acceptable noise levels in core library spaces in 26 York Street. These are 'Collaborate' (talking/meeting/taking phone calls allowed); 'Quiet' (some tolerance for whispering for working purposes); 'Silent' (no talking or noise of any kind allowed). These are displayed in the library spaces and explained locally on library digital signage. 

Courtesy to all library users
  • Respect the right of others to a quiet study environment and to not engage in any activity nor make noise that disturbs other library customers.
  • Switch off or mute your mobile phone and any other noise making gadgets or equipment.
  • Treat library and security staff with courtesy and respect when they are carrying out their duties.


  • Use lidded containers only when taking drinks into 26 York Street. 
  • Eat and drink in The Dispensary café space opposite the Library Learning Commons in 26 York Street. 
  • Eat and drink in the designated spaces outside the Beaumont Hospital Library.
  • Bring bottled water only into the Beaumont Hospital Library: no tea, coffee or other beverages.
  •  Dispose of all litter or recycling in the bins provided both inside and outside the libraries.
  • Adhere to the College non-smoking rules and no alcohol is permitted on the premises.

Health and safety

  • Comply with all requests to vacate the building in a timely and orderly fashion during drills and in an emergency.
  • Observe the use of fire exits and not block emergency exits.
  • Notify library or security staff of any  physical hazard or behaviour that is suspicious or anti-social.


If a request to comply with expected behaviours is ignored any one or more of the following sanctions may apply:

  • Suspension or removal of borrowing privileges.
  • Application of daily, replacement or other fines.
  • Being refused entry to the library.
  • Being asked to leave the library.
  • Disciplinary action by the Vice Dean for Student Affairs or Dean of the Medical Faculty.
  • Other disciplinary action deemed appropriate.