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Reservation of seats

#FairSpaceForAll - Pick up your #FSFA bookmarks for the Levels 1 & 2, 26 York Street from Tuesday 1st October 2019

See Library blog for further details:


How will it work? 


  • Library users must use the #FairSpaceForAll bookmark when they are leaving their desk - noting the time they left and returning with 45 minutes.
  • If users do not use the #FairSpaceForAll bookmark, do not return within 45 minutes or put an incorrect time on the bookmark - their belongings may be removed from the desk to make it available for another student to study.
  • Removed items will be placed in a plastic box by library staff and cleared to the concourse area (opposite the main lifts) on that floor for collection when the library user returns. Note: All collection areas for removed belongings covered by CCTV. 
  • It is the responsibility of all library users to engage with this policy to ensure that their belongings are not removed, and that the library study spaces are a fairly used resource for all. College is not responsible for any belongings left unattended at any time. 
Please note: 
  • Removal of items from desks not adhering to this policy will be random
  • In any given area, library staff may remove items from all desks in an area or some desks in a area
  • Food and drinks with belongings will also be removed
  • Any interference with the administering of this policy will be taken seriously
  • Respect for library staff and fellow library users is expected at all times

Feedback on this initiative:
The Library team has engaged with the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students' Unions during the pilot of this initiative in April/May 2019, and are still keen to get as much student feedback as possible throughout the term. Please send all comments, questions and ideas to - all feedback will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. 


 ** This policy does not apply to seats in the Library Learning Commons, Ground floor, 26 York Street, in our Beaumont Hospital site or on Levels 3, 4 or 5 in 26 York Street.


RCSI Library, Beaumont Hospital: When in the Beaumont Library space, students are requied to removed belongings to lockers provided in Beaumont to ensure that study spaces are available to fellow students.