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Reservation of seats

***Updated Seat Reservation Policy launched as pilot from Monday 29 April - Friday 31 May 2019 for Levels 1 and 2 in 26 York Street only***

#FairSpaceForAll - Coming to a study space near you from Monday 29th April 2019
Further to announcement email to all students on Wednesday 17th April 2019

See Library blog for further details:


How will it work? 


  • Library users must use the new #FairSpaceForAll bookmark when they are leaving their desk - noting the time they left and returning with 45 minutes.
  • If users do not use the #FairSpaceForAll bookmark, do not return within 45 minutes or put an incorrect time on the bookmark - their belongings may be removed from the desk to make it available for another student to study.
  • Removed items will be placed in a plastic box by library staff and cleared to the concourse area (opposite the main lifts) on that floor for collection when the library user returns. Note: All collection areas for removed belongings covered by CCTV. 
  • It is the responsibility of all library users to engage with this policy to ensure that their belongings are not removed, and that the library study spaces are a fairly used resource for all. College is not responsible for any belongings left unattended at any time. 
Please note: 
  • Removal of items from desks not adhering to this policy will be random
  • In any given area, library staff may remove items from all desks in an area or some desks in a area
  • Food and drinks with belongings will also be removed
  • Any interference with the administering of this policy will be taken seriously
  • Respect for library staff and fellow library users is expected at all times

Feedback on this pilot initiative:
The Library team has engaged with the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students' Unions in the planning stage for this pilot, and are keen to get as much student feedback as possible throughout. Please send all comments, questions and ideas to - all feedback will be reviewed in Summer 2019. 


 ** During this pilot, the 'blue slip' seat reservation policy will not be in operation in 26 York Street.  


RCSI Library, Beaumont Hospital: When in the Beaumont Library space, students are requied to removed belongings to lockers provided in Beaumont to ensure that study spaces are available to fellow students.