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30 May 2016

This month (May 2016) the School of Pharmacy welcomed back Rand Alhashmi (Class of 2009 and MSc 2012), who is in charge of improving the overall qualities of pharmacy practice in governmental institutions within the UAE and is also CEO of Shifaa, a medicine donations charity.

During her time in Dublin, we caught up with her on what she has been up to since graduation...


Tell us a little about your life since graduation:
After I graduated from RCSI and obtained my BSc in Pharmacy and MSc, I returned home to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and have been working to improve the overall qualities of pharmacy practice in governmental institutions within the UAE.

I have also founded the charity mobile application, Shifaa which seeks donations to assist patients in need with the cost of their medication in the UAE.


Why did you return to Ireland and visit RCSI this month?
I was in Germany attending the Hannover Messe Industry and Innovation Exhibition in order to present my Mobile Application, Shiffa in the innovators' section. As I was already in Europe, I decided to travel to Dublin to meet my friends and RCSI colleagues.

What has been the highlight of your career to date?
Since I returned to the UAE, I have incorporated what I learnt at RCSI and gained experience in pharmacy practice. I have progressed in my career to now hold a pharmacy managerial position.
Furthermore, I was awarded the prestigious Khalifa Funding by the UAE government to establish Shifaa, a charity for medication donations for patients.

What are your favourite memories from your time at RCSI?
RCSI is a family, and my favourite memories are of the friendliness of both my classmates and the lecturers that made me feel at home; I still maintain contact to this day.

What advice would you give to recent graduates embarking on their career?
Enjoy your time in RCSI and stay in touch with your friends and lecturers, whilst taking in your knowledge and experience when studying. You will find several RCSI graduates around the world that can guide and assist you when developing your career.

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