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Alumni Hunt: The Results

31 May 2017
Ta da! It's the 1980s who helped their student volunteer, Niveta, find the most alumni!



First day at RCSI!

Thanks to you, Niveta has now received a Clinical Elective worth €2,800. This elective will help Niveta take the next step in pursuing her ambition to become a Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon.

"Currently with my minimal clinical knowledge I've only been able to take part in observerships in 16 different surgical specialisations - so I am so excited for my Clinical Elective. Thank you to the 1980s for all their support in helping me find lost alumni. In particular, Professor Cathal Kelly and Ms Camilla Carroll (both Class of 1985), the RCSI Class of 1989 via Facebook, and Peter Maguire from the Class of 1993 who supported all the students during the hunt!"

On behalf of all the student volunteers and the Alumni Office, our sincere thanks to all the alumni who supported the Alumni Hunt.

But it's not too late to help find alumni by your decade. Click here to view the list of lost alumni.

And find out more how you can support a student, like Niveta, through a Clinical Elective here.