Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Student well-being

RCSI is committed to assisting student to achieve their academic and professional goals. It recognises, however, that at times students can face personal challenges in the course of their training.

The CoMPPAS welfare team provides direct confidential support, guidance, referral to specialist services and, when required, interventions designed to assure and promote student well-being and to restore effective functioning and performance. The service also seeks to collaborate pro-actively with students to promote positive behaviours and develop personal strategies that will empower students to self-manage and sustain their well-being in future professional practice.

Responding to you

We wish to provide a high-quality responsive support service to all students across the lifespan of RCSI.

Partnership with you

We seek to work in partnership with you to assist you in achieving your full independent potential. We will encourage your growth and resilience through times of difficulty and promote your well-being during your time at RCSI.

Student well being

Service objectives

  • Providing an approachable, flexible and confidential welfare service.
  • Promoting and facilitating independence and resilience within the student body.
  • Advocating for student support requirements and building collaborative working networks both within and external to RCSI.
  • Signposting students to services delivered by qualified specialist professionals who meet their needs.
  • Offering considered individualised personal progression and care plans to students alongside programmatic initiatives that enhance student development and personal capability.

Desired service outcomes

  • Student feels effectively supported and resourced.
  • Inspired to work towards enhanced problem solving skills and independent coping.