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Training to become a healthcare professional can be demanding, and many of us can experience personal difficulties during our studies. Sometimes we just don’t feel great or experience a difficult life event.

CoMPPAS student well-being is available to support you. Contact us confidentially and let’s talk about what’s bothering you.

However, you may find the following information helpful to you in terms of understanding your circumstances and needs.

General health information


A comprehensive information resource about all aspects of your health. There is also some great general information about college life.


Understanding mental health and how it affects everyone.

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Am I stressed? Do I suffer from anxiety? Do I have an eating disorder? Am I being bullied? Take control. Find out about these and other issues that can affect your well-being at college.

 Ask About Alcohol

Worried about your drinking or just need to find out more about how alcohol can impact on your well-being?

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Eating well is key to your personal well-being. Find out more about healthy eating.


Find out about how your lifestyle and other factors can affect your brain health and functioning.


General student information and issues.<

Well-being tools

Everybody needs help from time to time. Technology can help too. Here are a few apps we like. Share your favourite apps with your friends.


Headspace app

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Mind Journey

Mind Journey app

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Seven: 7 Minute Workout Training Challenge

7 Minute Workout Training Challenge

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Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run 

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Nutrino app

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Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle Alarm 


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The RCSI student well-being service are available to support you. However, you may prefer to talk to somebody outside the College first. Here is a list of services that may be helpful to you.


Tel: 1800 793 793

Lines open 9pm-2.30am every night of term.

Service provided by students


Tel: 116 123


Pieta House

Tel: 1800 247 247

If you are feeling suicidal or considering self-harm, tell somebody now and ask for help. 

Look After Yourself

If you are LGBT, and experiencing mental health issues or are worried or anxious about your circumstances, ask for help.


Supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people.


Tel: 1890 200 444

Do you think you might have an eating disorder? Talk to someone about it today.