Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Positive health

As a healthcare professional in training, your health is a prerequisite to successful academic and clinical progression in your programme of studies.

As you learn about human systems, its important you appreciate that you too are a human system and like all systems are vulnerable when one element is underperforming or not working correctly. For this reason, RCSI places a special emphasis on students’ professional obligation to actively manage their personal health during their academic and clinical training.

Mind your head

Everybody has mental health. Life events, difficult experiences, stress, anxiety, sleep disruption, physical health are just some of the factors that can influence our mental health and well-being.

CoMPPAS promotes an open talk culture in relation to mental health as a professional concern at career stages. We seek to collaborate pro-actively with the student body to talk about and promote positive mental health.

If you are student experiencing mental health challenges or in distress at this time, help is available.

Contact us confidentially now.

Alternatively, contact CoMPPAS’s welfare team directly at to make an appointment.

RCSI also provides a confidential personal counselling service to our students as well as specialist interventions to assist in recovery and restoring functioning.

Find out more about managing your mental health, our services and personal management resources by following the related links.

Mind your body

Positive physical health is a key resource for success. Achieving a healthy balance between study, clinical training, lifestyle and recreation is essential to not only maintain optimum functioning during a demanding professional programme but also to enhance performance. Not only this, positive physical health can have a preventative benefit in terms of sustaining positive mental health and mitigating the negative impact of stress.