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CoMPPAS Discover programmes

CoMPPAS Discover provides a range of personal and career development initiatives and learning opportunities designed to provide students with the self-awareness, skills and motivation they need to take control of their career pathway and future career progression.

Discover yourself and discover your future.

CoMPPAS career discovery

Introduction and orientation to healthcare career planning and progression delivered as an integrated component part of the Passport to Success programme.

Workshops for 2017-2018 include:

Career Development Management: Paving your Pathway to Success

Workshop 1: Self mastery – self-awareness for career advancement

The role of self-knowledge, interest, personality and mindset in career choice and career advancement

Workshop 3: Tools for increased employability

Constructing a professional CV with your academic, personal and professional profile.

Workshop 2: Creating your future today

Explore your career options as a healthcare professional – develop a career action plan for medical, physiotherapy and pharmacy students. Gain insight on alternative career routes and residency pathways.

Workshop 4: Effective networking for career success

Acquire digital and human networking strategies to boost your career progression, interactions, social capital and profile.

Workshop 5: Stirring your potential, attaining momentum and remaining motivated*

So you want to be a healthcare professional? It is hard work. How do you gain momentum? How do you stay motivated? How can motivation enhance your potential to achieve in a highly competitive field?

 *This workshop is optional with limited spaces (30 max.)


General/bespoke workshops

(see CoMPPAS events for dates)

  • Career action planning and career pathways for healthcare professionals
  • Skills identification and development
  • Self mastery – self-awareness for career advancement
  • Increasing your competitiveness in a high-achieving profession
  • Effective conference networking, LinkedIn and ResearchGate for career progression
  • Get noticed quickly – constructing a professional CV
  • Skills for succeeding at interviews
  • Writing an effective personal statement
  • LinkedIn for beginners and advanced users
  • Tips for securing observerships and summer research
  • Success leaves clues: focused discussion with medical professionals

Please note: These workshops are for registered RCSI students only.

RCSI Mentor Network

The RCSI Mentor Network is an innovative portal facilitating Final Year students to connect with RCSI Alumni from the School of Medicine, School of Pharmacy (in development) and School of Physiotherapy.