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So You Want To Be A Doctor?

So You Want To Be A Doctor? is a three part live-streamed broadcast series, produced by RCSI, which are presented by Professor Arnold Hill, Head of RCSI's School of Medicine.

The broadcast series is for young second-level students in transition year, fifth and sixth year and aims to support any students who may like to consider the opportunities a career as a doctor can give them.

In this series, young people can get an insight into what life is really like as a doctor by getting a glimpse into the lives and careers of leading health professionals working in the Irish healthcare system, all of whom began by studying medicine in college.

This series was broadcast to students on three dates in November and December 2015 and in January 2016.

so you want to be a doctor prof arnold hill
Prof Arnold Hill presents all three programmes


Live Q+A session

A part of these broadcasts involve a live questions and answers session with Professor Hill where viewers can ask any questions they had on studying medicine, being a doctor and on what they see in the episode. They could do this via Twitter and Facebook using #RCSIBeADoc. They could also send their questions in via email on the night to Prof. Hill then read out and adressed the questions and comments live on air in real-time.

If you have any comments on the episodes (below) please feel free to get in touch by the above means.

How can I watch the show?

You can watch all three episodes of So You Want To Be A Doctor? below which show the lives and careers of 10 different doctors with diverse medical specialties including an obsterician, a neurosurgeon, a GP, a microbiologist and many more.

Episode 1: So You Want To Be A Doctor? (Broadcast Thursday, 19 November 2015)

Episode 2: So You Want To Be A Doctor? (Broadcast Wednesday, 9 December 2015)

Episode 3: So You Want To Be A Doctor? (Broadcast Tuesday, 19 January 2016)