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Primary education

The REACH RCSI Programme aims to encourage and promote science education at primary level by supporting the teaching of science in the local primary schools through a number of primary science initiatives.

These interactive events are designed with direct relevance to the primary science curriculum, ensuring a hands-on, fun way for primary school children to engage with science. The REACH RCSI Programme works with several primary schools on a number of projects, and is officially linked to the schools in the local community listed below.

  • Presentation Primary School, Warrenmount, Blackpitts, Dublin 8
  • Enda's Primary School, Whitefriar Street, Dublin

Primary Science for Teachers Initiative (PSTI)

Since 2007, the RCSI Primary Science for Teachers Initiative has offered primary school teachers the opportunity to participate in a free summer course entitled 'Come to your Senses with RCSI'. This on-campus, week-long course has been fully approved by the Department of Education and Skills for three EPV days.


PSTI workshops in action at RCSI

PSTI is a workshop-based programme which uses the theme of 'My Body' to allow primary school teachers to develop their interest and enthusiasm for teaching science. It has direct relevance to the primary school curriculum (Social, Environmental and Science Education (SESE) and Social, Personal and Heath Education (SPHE). Click here for further information about PSTI workshops, or contact


Cracking Crime with Science @ RCSI

 Cracking Crime @rCSI

Cracking Crime was run as part of the Dublin City of Science 2012 public engagement festival. The free, hands-on science workshop for primary school children used the theme of crime science investigations.

Forty children became mini forensic detectives to help in solving a crime by taking part in inquiry based science experiments relevant to the Irish primary science curriculum. The children took part in a series of activities to solve the crime including blood typing, finger printing, chromatography, UV light experiments and chemical testing.

Cracking Crime @rCSI

Feedback was very positive with 100% enjoying the event and 91% saying the experience made them more interested in science.

"I never knew science could be so much fun."

"We got to test out many things and act like forensic scientists."

Foundation year elective: Chemistry Ambassador Programme

This elective provides foundation year students a chance to work with local primary school children. The aim is to enthuse these young scientists about chemistry through a fun and informative practical session. This year’s workshop focused on carbon dioxide in the environment where students from local link primary school St Enda's NS, Whitefriar Street got a fun insight into a practical chemistry topic.

Chemistry Ambassador Programme

Fifth class students from St Enda's NS, Whitefriar Street with our very own RCSI Foundation year students.

Come To Your Senses Workshop

The Come To Your Senses workshop was run as part of the RCSI's Science Week events and supported by the RDS Science Live Demonstration Lecture Programme. Primary school children from St Enda's NS, Whitefriar Street and Presentation Primary School, Warrenmount attended the workshop. The theme of the five human senses was chosen to encourage the students to develop an interest in the science of the human body and the environment in which they live.


Come to your senses

Feedback from the day was very positive; 91% said they enjoyed the workshop and 83% said the workshop made them more interested in science.

"It made me more interested in science because it's not just about writing in books you can do fun experiments."

"People say science is for geeks but it is fun."

"It made me more interested in science because I could try some experiments again myself."

 Come to your senses

Man Vs Machine Workshop

This free, hands-on summer workshop was run in partnership with Aungier Street YMCA and aimed to introduce young children to the foundation of physics, while participating in fun and creative experiments.

In response to feedback from primary school teachers, the activities were designed with direct relevance to the energy and forces strand of the primary science curriculum. The participants, with the aid of man-made machines, learned about Sir Isaac Newton's Three Laws of Motion and through simple activities demonstrated gravity, force, balance and friction.The children had fun in their lab coats, discovering how to make their balloon and fizz pop rocket soar up the obstacle track.