Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Evaluation and institutional research

The QEO collect quality-related institutional data on behalf of the Quality Committee and is responsible for facilitating internal and external requests for institutional data and its subsequent analyses and dissemination.

Part of the Quality Enhancement Office's mission is to support RCSI with collecting data. In 2009 RCSI centralized the collection of student feedback which now covers all undergraduate and the majority of postgraduate Programmes. Students are currently invited to participate in feedback surveys at the end of each semester after they have completed their exams. The survey instrument contains 17 questions under 4 headings: Module, Assessment, Staff and Skills; these core questions are exactly the same for all three campuses (Dublin, Bahrain, Perdana) across all Years and Programmes. Programme & Cycle Directors can suggest additional questions to be added to the instrument.

The results are collated and analysed by the QEO and take the form of quantitative responses to standardised questions and ‘free-text' comments. The quantitative data are fed back to staff and students as soon as possible after the data has been collected. The free-text comments are then used by staff (in conjunction with the quantitative data) to identify areas that need attention. Each Cycle Director produces a list of such issues and relevant actions in the form of a Quality Improvement Plan which is fed back to the students. These issues and actions are monitored by the QEO and overseen by the Quality Committee.

In addition to the student feedback surveys, the QEO also facilitates the collection of other Institutional data where required. Recent examples include a staff survey on equality and diversity to support an application for the Athena SWAN Bronze award and a survey on strategy development.

Due to an increasing demand for surveying RCSI students and staff the QEO's role is to protect and regulate the access to students and staff and to track any survey activity that is undertaken in the College. If a staff member or a student has a need to conduct a survey of RCSI staff or students the QEO offers assistance and advice on the process.