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Community health programmes

The REACH RCSI programme has developed a number of community health initiatives.

These projects engaged local men and women, aiming to introduce small lifestyle changes and increase awareness of health issues. The programmes follow the same format whereby weekly workshops focused on different areas are followed by a fitness session with professional trainers.

Men's Health Programme participants 

Participants in the Men's Health Programme.


The informal workshops were facilitated by a number of external and internal healthcare professionals from RCSI, Mercers Medical Centre, and Mental Health Ireland; they focused on a number of topics including cancers, nutrition, diabetes, menopause, mental health and sexual health.

The men's health programme was run in early 2010 with local football club Aungier Celtic FC, while the women's health programme took place in mid-2014.

Women's Health Programme participants


Participants in the Women's Health Programme.


With 2016 came the start of the Young Men’s Pre-Season Health and Fitness Programme, a six-week programme with the Aungier Celtic U-17s, focused on increasing participants athletic ability, wellbeing and capacity to independently train.

 YMHP 2016

 Pre-Season health and fitness programme: Physical training

Each week, an informative workshop on health and fitness issues was followed by professional fitness instruction and coaching. The informative workshops cover a diverse range of sporting topics vital for any young developing player including nutrition in sport, the principles of training, the psychology of a successful athlete and injury prevention.

Participants endure fitness testing in week one and week six and undergo physical training in between in order to boost their strength, speed, flexibility, aerobic endurance and anaerobic endurance before the upcoming season.

Pre-Season Health & Fitness Programme 2016

Pre-Season health and fitness programme: Nutrition workshop

The community health programmes have been very successful with positive feedback from the participants:


  • “… big impact, I exercise more, watch what I eat, I'm trying to eat more healthy now.”
  • “I lost some weight and now think more about exercising.”
  • “The staff were excellent and very helpful and encouraged us a lot.”


Community health days

Free annual health checks for residents in the local community are also offered by Mercer's Medical Centre. Please contact for further information.