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Student Selected Component and the Fennessy Hogan Medal for the Best Research Project in Student Selected Component

The Student Selected Component (SSC) is composed of a short introductory skills week followed by a six week research placement. The introductory course acts as a bridge between the basic biology learned during junior and intermediate cycles and the clinical competencies that will be taught in the senior cycle.

The research project is a flexible programme which is undertaken either at an RCSI institution/affiliated hospital or abroad. The aim of the research programme is to provide students with an opportunity to gain experience in the discipline of research while giving them choice in their medical education and encouraging them to be self-directed learners. Outcomes of previous years include, presentations at international and national scientific meetings and publications in peer reviewed journals.

The programme culminates in the Fennessy Hogan Medal presentation. The winner receives a silver medal and €1,000 bursary sponsored by the Beaumont Trust. This year’s winner was Anthony Sharkey for work he undertook with Dr Gary Duffy (Anatomy).

 Student Selected Component SSC Fennessy Hogan Award 2015

Fennessy Hogan Award 2015: Pictured (l-r) is Mr Eamon Fennessy, Prof Leonie Young (Surgery), Prof Alice Stanton (MCT), Anthony Sharkey (Medical Student), Prof Arnold Hill (Surgery and School of Medicine) and Mr Brian Hogan.