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Research in the MPharm Programme

The RCSI School of Pharmacy is committed to clinical and translational research that benefits patients, ranging from drug discovery to enabling medical technologies and healthcare devices through to therapeutics, pharmacy practice and population health.

Pharmacy staff are dedicated to promoting knowledge and health through excellence in research across five research pillars: Systems Biology, Translational Pharmaceutics and Bioengineering, Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry, Clinical Pharmacy and Population Health, and Pharmacy Education.

The MPharm research curriculum spirals from highly structured direction in the first three years, through to independent student initiated research in years 4 and 5. Students are supported to complete a research project in their preferred area, pharmacy practice or laboratory based research, in Year 4. Students have an opportunity to undertake their fourth year project as part of an exchange programme with Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy, East Tennessee State University in the United States or University of Lorraine, Nancy in France. Students also undertake a clinical practice research dissertation in Year 5 as part of their 8 month clinical practice placement.

There are also a number of research opportunities available to Pharmacy students during their summer breaks. Students can apply for summer research funding through a number of schemes, including the RCSI Research Summer School. This allows students to gain invaluable experience working as part of a research team. Most students will proceed to presenting their work nationally and in some cases internationally, with the potential of writing up their research work for publication with their team.