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Technology Transfer and Management of Intellectual Property

Technology Transfer 

RCSI's Office of Research & Innovation (ORI) supports the College's research community in the identification, capture and commercialisation of intellectual property.   

The Technology Transfer (TT) function in the ORI has two key objectives: 

  • To provide high quality services to assist and support the College's research staff in protecting innovations and commercialising intellectual property assets.
  • Management of the Colleges IP assets through advising and executing commercial transactions with industry partners. 

The ORI TT's supports for researchers include; 

  • Meeting to discuss development of projects with commercial potential
  • Help in applying for grant funding to develop technology to a more commercially ready state
  • Support for all forms of industry engagement
      - To inform commercially relevant research
      - To perform collaborative research
      - To perform industry fully funded research
  • Intellectual property management

      - NDAs, MTAs, patents, agreements

  • Commercialisation of research
      - Spin off
      - Licensing
      - Co-development with industry


The ORI TT representatives, Dr Aoife Gallagher and Dr Seamus Browne are available to assist and advise on all aspect of Intellectual Property and commercialisation of research. 

Contact Us: 

Dr Aoife Gallagher - Head of Innovation


Dr Seamus Browne - Industry Liaison Manager


Cathy O'Byrne - Assistant Research Officer

The office is located on the ground floor of 121 St. Stephen's Green, Dublin 2.