Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Core facilities

Mathematical Modelling Core

  • The core was established through a SFI Research Professorship award (Prof. Jochen Prehn) in collaboration with SIEMENS Ireland.
  • The group has established an experimental systems biology infrastructure and devised computational systems models based on networks of >50 ordinary differential equations that encompass the key components and reactions involved in the intrinsic apoptosis pathway.
  • These models allowed for a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the role of individual proteins during apoptosis and their combinations in apoptosis sensitivity and resistance. The group is now at the international fore front within this research area

Protein Arrays

The CSM is a Protein Technologies core which can sub-clone, express and purify proteins. Specifically able to generate cDNA expression libraries of target human cells, from which will be generated protein arrays.

Molecular Cell Imaging Core

The Molecular and Cellular Imaging Core funded by the NBIPI is overseen and operated by Dr Heiko Duessmann, Director of Molecular Imaging.

  • The Molecular and Cell Imaging Core facility provides training in basic epi-fluorescence and confocal microscopy applications, image processing, and advanced live cell imaging. Current imaging capacities include three confocal live cell imaging systems (Zeiss LSM 510, LSM5 Live, LSM 710) as well as three real-time epifluorescence microscopy systems for GFP and FRET imaging, one equipped with an automated microinjection system.
  • Data analysis is facilitated by the provision of four image processing workstations. In addition to these facilities the core is also equipped with a High Content Analysis system (Cellomics arrayscan vti) suitable for live cell imaging assays. This includes a high content image processing, database and data analysis infrastructure, funded by SFI.
  • Furthermore the core has two flow cytometers, managed by Dr. Egle Passante. Flow cytometric experiment and FRET flow cytometry is performed using the Partec Cyflow ML16 flow cytometer (Partec, Münster, Germany) or a BD LSRII flow cytometer (Oxford, UK).

Bioinformatical and Biostastistical 

Support for the CSM is provided by Jasmin Schmid

Cancer Biobank - managed by a Clinical Research Nurse

  • Her role currently encompasses screening patients for involvement in the APOCOLON study in the Gastro Intestinal clinic and following them through to surgery.
  • Clinico-pathological data including tumour grade, stage, and vascular invasion status along with disease specific survival data has been collected prospectively is also maintained by the Clinical Research Nurse.