Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Undergraduate Student Union

The RCSI Student Union (SU) is an annually elected body, consisting of 8 officers. The SU is the College's bridge between faculty/administration and the student body.

The SU is invited to most meetings and ensures that student voices are heard on a variety of topics. The SU works closely with the Student Council, which consists of representatives from all classes at RCSI.


  RCSI Student Union 2014/2015


The elected officers of the Student Union 2014-2015 are:

 Vincent Healy

Vincent Healy (SU President)

089 4793008

Abdullah Alenezi  

Abdullah Alenezi (VP & Education)

085 1166164  

Sarah Fitzpatrick 

Sarah Fitzpatrick (Welfare)

087 9773562

Daniel Creegan 

Daniel Creegan (Events)

087 2055319

Caroline Kelly

Caroline Kelly (It & Communications)

085 8443356

Marty Ryan

Marty Ryan (Secretary & Treasurer)

087 9919504

Bakr Jundi 

Bakr Jundi (Culture)

083 1439198

 May-Anh Nguygen 

May-Anh Nguygen

083 1488249


One of the primary duties of the SU is to represent students academically. We listen to any problems or concerns that individuals or groups may have and do our best to solve these. This includes exam worries, exam results, use of computers and curriculum changes.

In conjunction with the Student Services Office and the Sports & Societies Union, the SU also help to organise a variety of social events at RCSI. These include: Fresher's Week (your first week of College), RAG/SHAG week, International Night and the SU College Ball.

Contact Us:

T: +353 1 402 2190