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Faculty of Radiologists

The Faculty of Radiologists is the professional and academic body for Clinical Radiology and Radiation Oncology in Ireland. It offers specialist training and postgraduate examinations in Diagnostic Radiology and Radiation Oncology.

The Faculty of Radiologists was established by Irish radiologists in 1961 to advance the science, art and practice of radiology and its allied sciences, and to promote education, study and research in radiology. It supplemented, and to some extent succeeded an earlier body, The Radiological Society of Ireland, which was established in 1931. The Faculty quickly established a structure for training Diagnostic Radiologists and Radiation Oncologists in Ireland. The Faculty consists of a Board, over 900 Fellows and members throughout the world.

The Faculty is the recognised postgraduate training body for Diagnostic Radiology and Radiation Oncology in Ireland. The Department of Health recognises the Faculty as the appropriate body to give professional advice on radiology matters through the Medical Council, the National Registration Body. Accreditation of hospitals for radiology and radiation oncology teaching is conducted by the Faculty on a five year cycle and the accreditation team includes experts form North America etc, UK and/or Europe.

The current Dean of the Faculty is Dr Niall Sheehy.

Further information about the Faculty of Radiologists can be found on their website.