Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Departmental Seminars

  1. Professor Nicholas Farrell Virginia Commonwealth University, USA: 'Platinum Metals in Medicine; New Targets and Directions' (24 September, 2014) 
  2. Professor Carmen Nájera Domingo University of Alicante,Spain: 'Asymmetric synthesis of biological active prolines by metal-catalyzed 1,3- dipolar cycloadditions' (2 May 2014)
  3. Professor Thori Gunnlaugsson Trinity College Dublin: 'Sensors, imaging agents and theranostic molecules for use in biological applications' (16 April 2014)
  4. Professor Adolfo Horn Jr. Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Brazil:  'Inorganic compounds that might keep you young' (5 February 2014)

  5. Photograph of Staff/Researchers with Professor Adolfo Horn (second left) 

    Photo of staff with Adolfo Horn

    Departmental Meetings

    6th Meeting of the Irish Institute of Metal-based Drugs, RCSI, 1 November 2013

    Photographs from IIMBD meeting in RCSI - 1 November 2013 iimbd 

    Pictured are: Dr Matthias Tacke (UCD), Dr Malachy McCann (NUIM), Professor Kevin B. Nolan (RCSI) and Professor Mike Devereux (DIT) founding members of the Irish Institute of Metal-Based Drugs together with Dr Dermot Brougham (DCU) third left, and Professor Donal F. O’Shea (RCSI) first right.

    IIMBD Speakers


    Back row: Dr Dermot Brougham (DCU), Dr Luca Roncoini (NUIG), Dr Matthias Tacke (UCD), Dr Kevin Kavanagh (NUIM), Mr Stuart Duffy (RCSI), Mr Garret Rochford (DIT), Mr Ziga Ude (RCSI)
    Second row:  Ms Andreea Prisecaru (DCU), Ms Zara Molphy (DCU), Dr Andrew Philips (UCD)
    Front row: Professor Celine J. Marmion (RCSI),Dr Katja Strohfeldt (University of Reading), Ms Creina Slator (DCU) and Mr Pauraic McCarron (NUIM)