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Postgraduate fees policy

RCSI postgraduate fees are fixed each year and are usually subject to an annual increase. The following rules regarding fees apply to all RCSI postgraduates:

  • All students must pay fees each year until they submit their thesis or complete their course.
  • Students are not permitted to register for the following year of their higher degree until all fees for the previous year have been paid. Students are not permitted to take the course examinations until all relevant fees are paid.
  • Final year postgraduates will not be permitted to graduate until full fees have been paid.
  • It is the postgraduate's responsibility to ensure that s/he registers on time each year prior to submission of the thesis or completion of their course. Failure to do so will lead to automatic disqualification from the degree programme. 

Fee payments: Research Postgraduates

On acceptance to a postgraduate research course or programme and if fees are payable from research funds, the total fee for first year will be deducted at registration.

The student must provide the correct research budget code and authorisation from their supervisor. When students re-register in subsequent years of their course or programme, they must provide the budget code and authorisation from their supervisor.

Postgraduate students who are not funded by a research grant are required to pay 50% of their fees before registration on acceptance of the position and pay the balance at registration. October-registered students who will not be submitting a thesis in the current academic session should pay the first half of their fees at registration, with the second half due by the end of January.

April-registered students who will not be submitting a thesis in the current academic session should pay the first half of their fees at registration, with the second half due by mid-August.

Research postgraduates are required to register and pay fees to RCSI each year in which they are studying, irrespective of whether the research is conducted within RCSI or elsewhere.

Specific registration fee arrangements apply to Co-Tutelle PhD programmes where the postgraduate spends approximately 75% of their time at one institution and 25% of their time at another, one of which institution is RCSI.  Co-tutelle PhD students should check with their Programme Director for details. 

Fee payments: Taught Postgraduate Courses

On acceptance to a postgraduate programme, new candidates are required to pay 50% of their fees before registration and the balance at or before the start of the second semester. For the second and subsequent years of the course, the first instalment must be paid at or before the beginning of the first semester and the balance at or before the start of the second semester. In order to re-register in subsequent years of a taught postgraduate course, students must have completed all necessary course requirements satisfactorily.

Taught Postgraduate Courses: Late Submission Penalties

Late submission penalties apply to taught postgraduate courses. Postgraduates on taught programmes at RCSI should refer to their course handbook for specific details about their programme requirements.

All Postgraduates: Late registration

Any postgraduate student who is not registered by the latest registration date must pay the late registration fee of €130. If late registration is impossible to avoid due to a late offer of a place on the postgraduate programme being made to the applicant, the late registration fee will not apply.

Additional late penalties may apply unless prior arrangements have been made in writing with the Finance Office and in liaison with the relevant Course Director. Any students who have not paid their fees will be considered to have withdrawn from their course, they will be de-registered and their access to RCSI facilities will be blocked.

Refund policy

The College accepts no obligation to refund any fee, or part thereof, in respect of a student who withdraws from a programme. Applications for refunds made on medical grounds should be addressed directly to Professor Niamh Moran, Head of School of Postgraduate Studies and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

If applicable, cheques for refund, can only be made payable to the student named on the RCSI account.

Students are not entitled to any refund once formally registered for a course at RCSI. Booking fees and deposits are non-refundable. A deposit is non-transferable except to another postgraduate course within RCSI in the same academic session where such a transfer has been approved by the relevant Course Directors and the School of Postgraduate Studies.

Leave of absence policy

The School of Postgraduate Studies only considers applications for leave of absence and suspension of fees in the case of candidates who do so for illness or other personal reasons. We do not consider it in the case of candidates whose work is not progressing as originally planned.

Candidates who are granted a leave of absence do not receive any refund of fees. The fee amount paid is retained by RCSI and applied against the fee set in the subsequent year in which the candidate recommences his/her course or programme.

Methods of payment

Fee payment forms (bank giros)

Fee payment bank giro forms are posted to all students prior to the due date for payment. Note that, for research funded postgraduates, the supervisor must complete this form including the relevant budget code. Non-receipt of a fee payment form by a student will not be accepted as an excuse for non-payment or late payment of fees.

International payments directly to RCSI bank account

Students making payments from outside Ireland may do so by International Bank Transfer to: 

RCSI Fees Account 
Bank of Ireland
39 St Stephen's Green
Dublin 2 Ireland IBAN No: IE75 BOFI 9000 8410 044074
Swift Code: BOFI IE 2D

N.B. In order to allocate the payment to the correct student account it is essential that, if assigned, the RCSI student number is included as the reference number.

Postgraduate auxiliary charges

NUI (National University of Ireland) charges

Postgraduate students, both full-time and part-time, who are registered for courses of study leading to the award of NUI degrees, including PhDs, or Diplomas/Higher Diplomas are required to pay an annual NUI fee of €45 for the first *three years of study.

*Taught postgraduate courses offered by RCSI usually operate for two years, hence NUI fees will only apply for the duration of the course.

Bench fees

Bench fees may be payable by students registering for postgraduate research programmes. Students seeking admission to a research programme, even for short-term programmes, should ascertain in advance from their prospective supervisor what fees may apply.

Tax relief on fees

Full information on tax relief and an application form (Form IT31) are available on the Revenue Commissioners web page. Eligible courses include: postgraduate NUI courses, full-time or part-time, with duration of at least one academic year.

Receipts for claim of tax relief

In order to claim tax relief, students must retain the upper portion of the RCSI bank giro form which has been stamped by the bank at the time of fee payment confirming amount paid.

Thesis submission

A student is eligible to submit a thesis only when registered as a student of RCSI. A higher degree by research thesis is submitted to the School of Postgraduate Studies, RCSI, 123 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.

Thesis submissions dates and fee implications

Students must have completed the minimum* registration for their course or programme before they can submit their thesis.

October registered students should submit their thesis by the last working day in September to avoid incurring fees for the next academic year. April registered students should submit their thesis by the last working day in March to avoid incurring fees for the next academic year.

*Minimum registration means three years full-time (or equivalent part-time) for PhD; two years for MD; one year each for MCh and MSc by research.

Thesis extensions

Applications for thesis extensions must be accompanied by a supporting letter from the student’s supervisor and based on medical grounds. A medical certificate for the relevant period must accompany the application.

Please address your applications to Professor Niamh Moran, Head of School of Postgraduate Studies, RCSI, 123 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2. Otherwise, it will be necessary for the student to pay fees and register annually until the thesis has been submitted.

EU and non-EU rates

Fee rates for postgraduate students are based on residency not nationality. To qualify for EU fee rates the family of a dependent student (aged under 23) must be resident as taxpayers in an EU member state.

Postgraduate students aged over 23 require evidence of tax liability in an EU member state for three of the five years prior to entering the programme.

A candidate may not defer a place on an RCSI postgraduate course or programme for the purposes of changing their fee status from non-EU to EU.


Please contact the RCSI Fees Office if you have any queries regarding the payment of fees. 

RCSI Postgraduate Fees Office
123 St Stephen's Green
Dublin 2
Tel: +353 1 402 2338
Fax: +353 1 402 2284