Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn



Prof. Gerry McElvaney, Dr Catherine Greene and Dr Sanjay Chotirmall, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin

  • Estrogen and the gender gap in cystic fibrosis patients
  • Airway ion transport and mucociliary clearance in Alpha-1 anti-trypsin patients.


Prof. Richard Costello and Dr Mazen Al-Alawi, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin

  • Lipoxin regulation of airway ion transport and airway surface layer dynamics in cystic fibrosis.


Dr Valerie Urbach, Dr Barry Linnane and Dr Paul McNally, National Children's Research Centre, OLHSC, Crumlin Hospital, Dublin

  • Lipoxin regulation of airway ion transport and airway surface layer dynamics in cystic fibrosis.


Prof. Catherine Godson and Prof. Pat Guiry,  The Centre for Synthesis and Biological Chemistry Conway Institute UCD, Ireland

  • Synthesis and Structure Activity Relationships of lipoxin analogues. 


Prof. Colm O'Brien Ophthalmology Dept., UCD/Mater Hospital, Dublin

  • Estrogen regulation of ion transport in human ocular ciliary body epithelium.


Prof. Elaine Kay, Prof. Ray Stallings, Prof. Frank Murray and Dr Deborah McNamara RSCI and Beaumont Hospital, Dublin

  • Expression changes in microRNA species during colon cancer progression.


Prof. Marc Devocelle RCSI, Dublin

  • Investigation of the augmentation potency of platinum-based drugs in MMe when used in combination with anti-tumour peptides.


Prof. Noel McHale Dundalk Institute of Technology, Louth

  • Intracellular Ca2+ imaging in cells and intact tissue.


Dr Leonie Young and Prof. Arnie Hill,  RSCI and Beaumont Hospital, Dublin

  • Phospholipase A2 in oestrogen-sensitive and HER2+ breast cancer.


Dr Isabella Bray RCSI, Dublin

  • Oestrogen modulated microRNAs in colorectal cancer.


Prof. Ellis Levin,  UC Irvine USA

  • Estrogen modulates metabolic pathway adaptation to available glucose in breast cancer cells. 


Dr Laura Moro and Giulia Pinton Piemonte Orientale, Italy

  • ER-beta as a prognostic indicator in malignant mesothelioma.


Dr Bruno Murer Dell’Angello Hospital, Venice, Italy

  • Histopathological studies in malignant mesothelioma.


Dr Maria Marino University of Rome, Italy

  • Role of PLA2 in rapid responses to oestrogen in breast cancer cells.


Prof. Wing-Hung Ko Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Estrogen regulation of P2Y receptor activity in human airway epithelium.


Prof. Francesco Sepulveda Centro de Estudios Científicos, Chile

  • KCNQ1 channel modulation by estrogen