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Education within MCT

Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics (MCT) has always been strongly committed to medical education at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level, where we are seen as leaders and innovators. At the undergraduate level staff are involved in teaching and examining in modules across the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Cycles of both the five-year and Graduate Entry programmes of the School of Medicine, and in the Schools of Nursing, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy.

MCT is also strongly committed to postgraduate education for all healthcare workers. Involvement in supervising, mentoring, teaching and examining across numerous postgraduate courses within RCSI extends to our respected masters and doctoral (MD and PhD) programmes. Our dedication and leadership in medical education has been recognised by the numerous invitations to MCT staff to act as External Examiners both nationally and internationally.

Integration of research and education

An important aspect of personalised medicine is equipping our medical students with the tools and knowledge by which they can become innovators and leaders in their individual specialities. MCT was the founder of the molecular medicine module taught to undergraduate medical students. It outlines the importance of understanding the molecular basis of disease in order to better diagnose and treat patients.

We intend to expand this approach by extending our focus on personalised medicine into the postgraduate domain MCT is also strongly committed to promoting research at the undergraduate level, providing medical and pharmacy undergraduate students access to research through the Research Summer School and undergraduate research projects undertaken as part of their degree programmes. Only though the integration of research and education we will encourage future healthcare professionals to be lifelong learners with the capacity to evolve and adapt to changes within their respective fields.