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MCT Publications 2010-2017


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Lafeber M, Spiering W, Visseren FL, Grobbee DE, Bots ML, Stanton AV, Patel A, Prabhakaran D, Webster R, Thom S, Rodgers A; UMPIRE investigators. Impact of switching from different treatment regimens to a fixed-dose combination pill (polypill) in patients with cardiovascular disease or similarly high risk. Eur J Prev Cardiol. 2017 Jun;24(9):951-961. PMID: 28436727.

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Lobo MD, Ott C, Sobotka PA, Saxena M, Stanton AV, Cockcroft JR, Sulke N, Dolan E et al.  Central Iliac arteriovenous anastomosis for uncontrolled hypertension: One-Year Results from the ROX CONTROL HTN Trial.  Hypertension. 2017 Dec;70(6):1099-1105.   PMID:29061728.

McCarthy C, Orr C, Fee L, Dunlea DM, Hunt DJL, Dunne E, Carroll TP, O'Connell P, McCarthy G, Kenny D, Fearon U, Veale DJ, Reeves EP, McElvaney NG.  Brief Report: Genetic variation of the alpha-1-antitrypsin gene is associated with increased autoantibody production in rheumatoid arthritis.     Arthritis Rheumatol. 2017 Aug;69(8):1576-1579.  PMID: 28409899.

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McDonnell C, Garciarena C, Watkin R, McHale T, McLoughlin A, Claes J, Verhamme P, Cummins P, Kerrigan SW. Inhibition of major integrin αV β3 reduces Staphylococcus aureus attachment to sheared human endothelial cells. J Thromb Haemost. 2016 Dec;14(12):2536-2547. PMID: 27606892.

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O’Tuathaigh CMP, Mathur N, O'Callaghan MJ, MacIntyre L, Harvey R, Lai D, Waddington JL, Pickard BS, Watson DG, Moran PM.  Specialised information processing deficits and distinct metabolomic profiles following TM-domain disruption of Nrg1. Schizophr Bull. 2017 Sep 1;43(5):1100-1113.  PMID: 28338897. 

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Book chapters

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