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Masters in Healthcare Management - (All locations)

This programme will provide you with the personal, management and leadership skills to perform effectively in a position of responsibility in the healthcare sector. You will be better able to configure and deliver excellent healthcare. The programme will provide you with a sound knowledge and appreciation of operations, quality and risk management, people management, data collection and analysis, change management, leadership and strategy, and basic principles of financial management.

Who should apply:

This programme is intended for anyone with a primary degree who is working in the healthcare sector. Current and past participants include doctors, dentists, community pharmacists, managers, nurses, allied health professionals and administrators. Personnel in allied health businesses such as medical supplies/equipment and pharmaceuticals also find the programme relevant.

Masters in Leadership - (Ireland only)

This programme is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour required to be an effective manager and leader in a changing health environment. The programme addresses the needs of healthcare managers and those who aspire to such a role. It is designed to develop the broad range of practical competencies needed in today’s challenging healthcare environment.

Who should apply:

Healthcare professionals who have an interest in change management and leadership. More information.

Masters in Leadership in Health Professions Education - (UAE only)

This programme is offered by the RCSI Instititute of Leadership in conjunction with the University of Sharjah. We will harness your potential to become an educational leader in the health professions. We will provide you with skills and professional development tools to become a sophisticated educator of future health professionals. You will develop and enhance your skills in a variety of professional areas including curriculum design, instruction, assessment, research and evaluation -through professional application and scholarship.

As a professional leader in education your organization can be certain its education strategy is informed by international best practice in health care education

Who should apply?

This programme is ideal for you:

  • If you want a programme that is up-to-date
  • If you want to debate key education issues with other colleagues working in the disciplines of medicine, surgery, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy and education.
  • If you want to network and learn with inspiring healthcare educators with expertise in education, assessment, curriculum design and evaluation and health education research.

More Information (United Arab Emirates)

Masters in Quality & Safety in Healthcare Management - (All locations)

The MSc in Quality & Safety in Healthcare has been developed to masters level to respond to an increasing demand for continuing professional education and development for healthcare professionals working in today’s complex health system. Graduates of this programme will be better able to ensure the delivery and configuration of high quality healthcare services and lead change and development within their service areas.

Who should apply:

Applications are invited from all those working in the healthcare sector including doctors, managers, nurses, other clinical specialists and administrators who wish to develop and extend their knowledge and skills in the management of quality and safety in healthcare. Personnel in allied health businesses such as medical supplies/equipment and pharmaceuticals may also find the programme relevant and valuable for their needs.