Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Coláiste Ríoga na Máinleá in Éirinn

Molecular Medicine

The RCSI Molecular Medicine Laboratories were established in 2002 with programme support from The Wellcome Trust, The Health Research Board and The Higher Education Authority of Ireland.

The research laboratories are housed in the RCSI Education & Research Centre, Beaumont Hospital.

The research themes are focused on hormonal and metabolic regulation of epithelial ion transport in health and in disease states such as cystic fibrosis, hypertension and inflammation. Research carried out by the Medical Oncology Research Group, also based in the Department of Molecular Medicine, focuses on understanding the role of kinase signalling abnormalities in breast, ovarian and uterine cancers.

The department has international collaborations with the Centre de Estudios Cientificos Valdivia, Chile, the University of California Irvine, the Institute of Functional Genomics, Montpellier, the University Rene Descartes, Paris, and the Blizard Institute, Queen Mary University of London.