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Dublin Brain Bank Research


The Dublin Brain Bank (DBB) collaborates with hospitals across Ireland to optimise collection, handling and use of human brain tissue and related samples for the conduct of research into neurological disorders. We hope to facilitate expanding research needs by providing a service where access to tissue requires just one application to one centre. Information on this service is given below.

Interested Researchers please mail or fax signed completed application:

Teresa Loftus
Dublin Brain Bank,
Dept of Neuropathology,
Beaumont Hospital,
Dublin 9
Phone: 01 809 2706
Fax: 01 809 2995
24 hour messaging service: 01 797 4757

Requesting Human Brain Tissue for Research

Tissue Availability and Access

Our website ( provides Irish researchers with clear and detailed information on each tissue sample available as well as instructions on how to access the tissue.

Tissue is available from donors diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington's disease and normal controls. Fresh frozen and / or formalin fixed tissue is available.

Tissue Request Application Forms

A Tissue Request Application form can be downloaded from our website or sent by post. This form was developed in line with state legislation and has been approved by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Hospital ethics committee.

Request for Tissues

Authorisation, which is obtained from relatives or from the donor before death, will cover all aspects of research activity including genetic investigation. Applicants for tissue must provide evidence of ethical approval for their study before the Brain Bank Tissue Advisory Board will consider a request.

The bank is operated on a not-for-profit basis and no charges are made for supplying tissue samples other than necessary costs associated with tissue preparation and transport.

All tissue samples and related clinical data will be anonymised and the only identifying feature supplied to the user will be a bar code. Clinical, but not identifying demographic details will be provided with samples.

Within 12 months of receipt of tissue recipient scientists will be required to submit a brief summary of how the tissue was used and the results obtained. Any material not used must be returned to the brain bank. All publications containing results obtained using tissue provided by the brain bank must explicitly acknowledge the brain bank.

Tissue transferred from the brain bank to the recipient remains property of the brain bank. Recipients are only entitled to use the tissue within the terms of this agreement and are not permitted to sell, loan or provide the tissue to a third party without prior written consent from the brain bank.

The tissue must only be used for the original project specified on the Tissue Request Application. Any modifications to the agreed protocol must be approved by the brain bank before the any protocol is implemented.

Handling and Safety Precautions

Post mortem tissue is potentially infectious and must be handled in appropriate facilities taking the approved precautions.

Handling and safety are the responsibility of the principle investigator and it is recommended that all staff are vaccinated for hepatitis before handling human tissue. The Brain Bank will not accept any responsibility for infection or injury resulting from the use of tissue supplied to the recipient.


The cost of tissue transfer and delivery will be the responsibility of the recipient.


The Scientific Advisory Committee of eth Brain bank will be responsible for deciding whether a tissue request merits co-authorship or whether acknowledgment of the Brain Bank is sufficient.

The brain bank must be acknowledged in all publications and presentations arising from the use of brain bank material.

Active collaborations and co-authorships that were not planned during the initial submission may arise in situations where a member(s) of the brain bank has provided significant intellectual input during the data analysis process.

We would like to acknowledge the generosity of our donors and their families in donating tissue to the Dublin Brain Bank. This is an act of great kindness and courage in a time of loss that will ultimately lead to the benefit of others in the future.

Thank you.