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Niamh Moran, BSc, PhD

 Niamh Moran

Contact details:

Address: Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics,
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland,
123 St. Stephen's Green,
Dublin 2.

Telephone:  +353 1 402 2153

Fax:  +353 1 402 2453


Current position: Associate Professor & Head of School of Postgraduate Studies

Biography:  In 1987, Professor Moran achieved her PhD at University College Dublin for a project focussing on cell adhesion molecules. She obtained a long term EMBO fellowship to continue her work in the University of Copenhagen. Following a 2 year post-doc position in Vanderbilt University (1989-1991), she returned to UCD as a Newman Scholar in 1991. She was appointed as a lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology at RCSI in 1994. With her group, they have published >40 research papers in international peer reviewed journals and have made original and innovative contributions to the areas of integrin research and platelet function in thrombotic disease.

Teaching:  Undergraduate 5-Year and Graduate Entry medical programmes
School of Pharmacy
Module co-ordinator for Hematology and Immune Systems (HIS) for 5 Year medical programme. 
Postgraduate: Steering Committee member for HRB Scholars taught PhD Programme
Module co-ordinator & lecturer for HRB Scholar programme and Molecular Medicine Ireland 
Lecturer in: Molecular Medicine Ireland, HRB Scholar Programme and Pharmacy MSc Programme

Curriculum Vitae: Prof. Moran's CV

Research Areas:  Cardiovascular and thrombotic disease
Role of platelets in thrombotic disease
Molecular mechanisms of platelet activation
Identification of novel drug targets in platelets

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