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Dr Olga Piskareva MSc, PhD


Contact details:

Cancer Genetics
Dept. of  Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics,
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland,
123 St. Stephen's Green,
Dublin 2.

Telephone: +353 1 402 2123

Fax: +353 1 402 2453


Current position: Hononary Lecturer

Biography:   Dr. Olga Piskareva obtained her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the Russian Academy of Sciences [2004]. Throughout her research career, Olga’s interests are laid in the recognition of non-coding genomic DNA and RNA as contributors to various cellular processes. Her PhD derived expertise was applied in the creation of targetable mammalian cell lines for the commercial production of biopharmaceuticals at the National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology/DCU [2004-2008]. In 2008, she acted as a PI on the SFI funded research project focused on the molecular mechanisms underlying transposition of the human mobile genetic elements LINE-1/L1s. She joined Prof. Ray Stalling’s lab in 2011 to elucidate the molecular events that contribute to the development and progression of neuroblastoma, the leading cause of cancer related deaths in children. A major area of research involves the identification and functional analysis of microRNAs that contribute to chemotherapy resistance in neuroblastoma, along with the development of microRNA-mediated therapeutics. She was appointed Co-ordinator for Cancer Genetics research lab, 2014 and awarded Honorary Lectureship in 2016. She is Honorary Treasurer for the Irish Association for Cancer Research [2015-present].

Teaching:  School of Postgraduate Studies

Module facilitator - Fundamentals of Biomedicine (Undergraduate Medicine)
Mentor - Student Selected Component module for pharmacy and medical students
Mentor - RCSI Research Summer School
Tutor - RCSI's Mini Med School

Curriculum Vitae: Olga Piskareva's CV

Research Areas : Molecular and cellular mechanisms of neuroblastoma pathogenesis
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of the development of chemotherapy resistance

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