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Dr Carolina Garciarena

Carolina Garciarena

Dr. Carolina Garciarena, PhD
Honorary Lecturer

Carolina Garciarena graduated in Biochemistry and subsequently received a PhD in Cardiovascular Physiology, mentored by Prof Ennis and Prof. Cingolani, at the University of La Plata, Argentina. In 2009, she joined Prof. Vaughan-Jones group at the University of Oxford as a British Heart Foundation postdoctoral researcher, to explore the role of H+ and Ca2+ in cardiac pathophysiology applying microfluidic techniques and confocal imaging. In 2015 she moved to Ireland to join the Cardiovascular Infection group led by Dr. Steve Kerrigan at RCSI. Her current work focuses on the study endothelial dysregulation following bacterial infection using in vitro 3D microvessels.

Research interests
Bloodstream infection-sepsis
Vascular pathophysiology
Dynamic bacteria-host interactions
3D models of disease

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