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Dr Zeibun Ramtoola

Dr Zeibun Ramtoola BSc (Pharm), PhD, C.Dip.A.F.(ACCA), MPSI
Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics / Programme Director MSc Industrial Pharmaceutical Science [2010-2014]
Tel : +353 1 402 8626

Zeibun is a graduate in Pharmacy from Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and completed a PhD in Pharmaceutics in the Department of Pharmaceutics, TCD. She subsequently held a research fellowship for 3 years in the Pharmaceutics Department, TCD. She joined the Pharmaceutical industry in 1992 where she held numerous positions in the R & D and Strategic Management group. Zeibun joined the School of Pharmacy at RCSI in 2003 as a lecturer and was appointed senior lecturer in 2007.

Research Interests
Development of novel drug delivery technologies
Particle engineering for drug delivery and targeting
Solubility enhancement of poorly soluble therapeutic molecules
Non-invasive delivery of biotechnology drugs

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