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Dr Aisling O'Leary

Dr Aisling O'Leary BSc (Pharm), PhD, MPSI
Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice
Tel: +353 1 402 2786

Dr. O'Leary, a graduate of Dublin University, Trinity College Dublin with a Ph.D in pharmaceutical chemistry, is a lecturer in Pharmacy Practice lecturing on clinical research methodologies, critical appraisal skills, pharmacoeconomics and clinical therapeutics. She is the Module Co-Ordinator for a number of modules of the MPharm programme. She is also Chief II Pharmacist in the National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics based in St. James' Hospital (, where she evaluates the cost-effectiveness of new medicines and undertakes research into post health technology assessment initiatives.

Professional Committees
Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland
Member of the Irish Medication Safety Network
Member of the Hospital Pharmacists Association of Ireland
Member of the National Pharmacy Reference Group (PSI)
Member of the Hospital Pharmacy Assessment Group 2012 (PSI)

Research Interests
Pharmacoepidemiological studies in primary care pharmacy
Pharmacoeconomics and cost-effectiveness of new technologies
Observational outcomes research - post-HTA (Hepatitis C)
Medication safety issues
Medicines information in primary care
Audit in hospital pharmacy practice

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