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Professor Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

Prof. Brian Cleary BSc (Pharm), MSc
Honorary Clinical Associate Professor


Prof. Brian Cleary graduated from the School of Pharmacy, Trinity College Dublin in 2001, completing his subsequent pre-registration training in community pharmacy. Brian has worked in the Pharmacy Department at the Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital (CWIUH) since 2002. He received his MSc in Clinical Pharmacy from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen in 2006. In 2007 he took up a shared clinical-academic post between CWIUH and the School of Pharmacy, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Brian completed his PhD in 2011 in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, TCD and was the first graduate of the Health Research Board's, PhD Scholars Programme in Health Services Research. In June 2014, Brian was promoted to Honorary Clinical Associate Professor within the School of Pharmacy. 

Professional Committees
Drug and Therapeutics Committee, CWIUH
Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacists Group

Research Interests
Pharmacoepidemiological studies of the safety of medications during pregnancy
Systematic reviews/meta-analyses of the safety of medications during pregnancy
Management of opioid dependence in pregnancy
Preconception counselling and counselling of women with medication exposures in early pregnancy
Therapeutic drug monitoring in pregnancy

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