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Dr Eoin Cotter

Eoin Cotter

Dr Eoin Cotter BSc, PhD
Technical & Laboratories Manager
Tel: +353 1 402 8528

Eoin Completed a BSc in Biotechnology in DCU in 2001, before undertaking a PhD in vascular biology at the same university. In 2005 joined UCD/MMUH as a postdoctoral researcher, examining the non-immunological effects of HIV infection and treatment, and most notably the role of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in these phenomena. In 2010 he became the senior scientist/scientific services manager of the UCD Clinical Research Centre, a role that entailed leadership of the development of laboratory, biobanking and analytical facilities at the CRC, and coordinated their deployment to support the numerous clinical trials and studies conducted within the CRC and other associated sites. In addition he also contributed to the design and delivery of the centre's extensive teaching program.

Professional Committees
National Consultative Committee IS0 TC276

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