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Dr Helena Kelly

Helena Kelly 

Dr Helena Kelly PhD
Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics
Tel: +353 1 402 8595

Dr Helena Kelly is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Pharmacy and a Principal Investigator at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. She is a PI and Deputy Co-ordinator of two European consortia AMCARE (Advanced Materials for CArdiac REgeneration, and DRIVE (Diabetes Reversing Implants for enhanced Viability and long term Efficacy, The AMCARE project (2013-2017) is a consortium of academic and industrial partners, which has received funding from the 7th European Union (EU) Framework Programme (grant agreement no. 604531) to develop regenerative therapeutics for the treatment of myocardial infarction (MI). DRIVE (2015-2019) is a consortium of academic and industrial partners, which has received funding from Horizon 2020 (Grant Agreement no. 645991) in order to improve pancreatic islet transplant therapy for diabetes mellitus. DRIVE will develop a suite of functional biomaterials (ß-Gel) for long term clinical efficacy of transplanted pancreatic islets and will facilitate minimally invasive delivery of ß-Gel inside a protective ß-Shell using a specialised delivery catheter (ß-Cath). She is also PI of an Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund "ChemoGel", a hydrogel-based delivery platform for targeted chemotherapy which has potential applications in a range of difficult to treat solid tumours.

Helena graduated with a BSc (Pharm) from Trinity College, Dublin (TCD) and subsequently carried out PhD research in TCD in the area of formulation science, with a particular emphasis on hydrogels. After completing her PhD, she spent 8 years in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry initially working in the area of process development, and latterly in project management roles related to third party contract manufacturing. She gained experience across a wide range of areas including pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production, scale up, technology transfer, contract manufacture, clinical trial manufacture and the regulatory approval process. She returned to academia in 2008, when she was appointed Lecturer in Pharmaceutics in the School of Pharmacy, RCSI. From January 2012 to March 2014 she was seconded as Project Manager for the establishment of the Irish Institute of Pharmacy (IIoP). 

Helena is the co-founder of  Duffy Kelly Labs

Professional Committees
Member of the Advisory Committee on Veterinary Medicines, Irish Medicines Board [2011-]

Research Interests
- Hydrogel platform technologies for drug/gene/stem cell delivery
- Integrated healthcare technologies in particular local and site specific delivery using minimally invasive medical devices
- Translational reality and regulatory processes

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